Types of Silk

These are the types of Silk I use to paint on!

Crepe de Chine for scarves

A light weight silk that floats.
A light to medium weight silk that is a little floaty. Both drape beautifully!

Twill for scarves

A medium weight silk – has a lovely soft warm feel and slightly thicker than the crepe de chines,
drapes nicely.

Textured Silk

Used for infinity snood scarves, a good medium weight warm feel silk on the thick side of silk fabrics, drapes nicely.

Crepe de chine for garments

A medium weight fabric with a wonderful drape, just a bit thicker than the scarf weights.

Habutai for scarves

A basic weave silk, lightweight drapes and floats.

Crepe backed Satin for ties

A medium weight silk that hangs well with a slight lustre sheen.

Twill for handbags

A medium to heavy weight silk, warm feel.